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I love listening to music and I have a lot of opinions on it! Rate Your Music is a great tool for tracking albums you like or want to listen to. I don’t rate everything I save to my collection, because I haven’t listened to a lot of them yet. Also, I tend to rate things a little lower at first and then move them up as I get more attached to them. Let me know if we have any similar taste in music!

I took up an interest in anime during the pandemic, and ended up watching enough that I wanted to start tracking it. I watched a lot for about a year and a half, and now I still watch fairly often, but less frequently. Once I get around to adding blog posts here, I will write up some things I learned from watching anime.

I listen to music a lot, and I knew about for a long time, but I only made an account recently. I had a decent idea what I listened to the most, but it’s fun to have some solid data to peruse. Here is a generated chart of what albums I have recently been listening to.

I keep code for my Ctrl-C-related projects here. I also have some stuff in the works I’m just keeping private for now :)

This is pretty much Rate Your Music for video games (made by the same company). I don’t play video games too much anymore, and I feel like there’s a lot of really famous or significant games I’ve never played. If you have any game reccommendations for me based on what I like, please let me know!

Tildes is a very nice concept and design for a forum site. That said, when I go on, I feel mostly as though I am browsing a smaller version of Reddit. In a way, that’s a good thing, because there’s definitely a better signal to noise ratio. In any case, I’m on here as well.

I just made this account to get a username that matched some of my other accounts. I don’t have any serious plans to start using it actively right now, but if anyone wants to follow me or DM me on there, I may start using it more often.