Welcome to the webZone, dates are in the dd-mm-yyyy format and content may or may not be ~ related.


Hello world!! :)


The background process of Rotide craps out after a while, and I don't know why.. Restarting the process unfortunately involves euthanizing the old one, luckily thats quite easy with a little help from Htop!


I've noticed that my background process that is running Rotide is somehow taking up more and more resources the longer it runs. I'm not sure how or why but when I just logged in it was STILL running @ 158 hours+ However when trying to access Rotide it wouldn't do anything. When I tried accessing the screen that was supposedly running the thing (it never really did run as a daemon) the thing didn't seem to be running.. A quick look at htop showed that it was, and belonged to me, so I killed it. And reset it. I only hope nobody else got affected, it was somehow consuming 15% cpu :(


Long time no updates. Been bussy with other projects/work, and thats ok I guess. Tilde was about having fun while you're learning, and I had a lot of fun up until now :) Anyway. It seems that my backend Node.js process regularely stops, for some reason, making all of the fancy bells and whistles of my webZone useless. Luckilly it only takes a quick putty session to reboot the whole shebang but if I find myself with some time to kill I will try to find out what exactly happens to it.

In other news: Are you sick and tired of Win10 update messages? Did you whish you could just make it all go away without throwing yourself under an 18 wheeler? Do you sleep better at night knowing that there isn't a 3GB Win10 download sitting somewhere on your harddisk, waiting, plotting.. Then you might want to try GWX Control Panel


Figured tilde-club was all about learning so I listed most of the libraries and tools used to make this little corner of the web :)


For some reason it took me until today to finally learn just exactly why it seems that Linux and IOs never seemed to have so much trouble with the whole plague of virusses that seem to plague Windows for some reason. I always asumed it was because Windows simply was the largest of the three and was simply being targetted because of its popularity. "Surely there must also be virusses for Linux and IOs.." I thought, "They're simply less common". Turns out its much simpler than that. Windows has been running everything as admin since way back before winXP, doh.


In an epic muck-up I accidentally gzipped all the files. Yes, ALL the files in every folder of my tiny part of the tilde. I was trying to make it easier to synch my local copy of the webZone with my live version by zipping the entire thing, downloading to a local folder, and unzipping. I thought gzip would be the tool to do it. But if you $ gzip -r -k ./public_html ./
you don't create a zip in the current folder of the public_html folder. No it zips every individual file in the public_html folder, as well as every file in every folder from your home directory. What a mess we made... But, the best is yet to come. I get to use rm -r *.gz or something to that effect. Lets hope I don't delete my entire homefolder with that.

Edit: I decided to use something else to remedy the bloat of files I created. Namely: $ find . -name ".bak" -type f -delete Note however that the -delete option MUST be the last option given to find otherwise it may potentially delete folders ending in .gz as well. A good idea is also to use the above command WITHOUT the -delete option. As it will show you just what you are about to delete. Fortunately the majority of the bloat-files generated by my muckup resided in "node_modules" folders, which means its easy to get any missing stuff back from that by simply running $ npm install in the top most directory of the Node app (assuming package.json is up-to-date).


Sadly I couldn't locate the missing markdown thing... Maybe I should make a system in which you can add messages individually, in stead of editing the one huge markdown every time I want to make an update. And then the messages could be stored by an index and... wait a minute am I trying to make a CMS?


It seems a couple of days ago I had a visitor from another ~. However I have been trying out editing the webZone with something called Atom. This little program works well enough, but it seems the ftp extension that I had installed on it went a little overboard and overwrote the message I received from said visitor with an older version of the frontpage markdown file... Maybe subversion will be the way to go? Or maybe I can find the old version somewhere. I wonder what else went missing :p


A couple of quiet updates have been made to Rotide, but nothing major. I'm happy to see that people like the idea of Rotide :) I hope I can find the time to make it even better! I would also like to thank Calamitous for introducing hyperlinks in Markdown to me, you will notice that you can now easily find Philips's tilde as well, go on give it a try!


Just trying out Rotide! This is awesome!



It seems we had a mysterious snooper snooping around the webZone! I encourage the creation of new content as per the spirit of the ~ . As long as the "frame" is kept intact I don't mind people adding / modifieing stuff, it's what its (sorta) made for afterall!

In other news - I updated the Rotide code editoR to be much, much more powerful, and dangerous! It now has the power to undo itself with the added DELETE FILE/FOLDER functionality. I have only myself to blame if things go missing now, but don't be too afraid to mess around with the editor. The most important bits are (relativeley) safely backed up on my laptop. It wasn't possible to make new files before, so thats fixed. Next up is a simpler way to copy/cut-paste files/folders maybe even some drag and drop functionality in the filetree if I'm feeling audacious.


Hope ~Azmo don't mind me messing around...

I think it's really cool to have an web editor for posting everything from the web! Awesome idea!

Now, I'm getting out before he sees me. Nobody tells him, please!



Finally found a way around manually converting my .jade to .html files. It is now possible to build the webZone from just the browser. You can do mostly anything You can edit any file but install extra npm's or other complicated stuff that requires the commandline.


Finished implementing basic Rotide functionality via websockets. It is now possible to edit the webZone from within the webZone! In fact, I'm writing this update from the editor right now! For the naughty out there, no, there is no authentication on this - everyone has the possibility to change every aspect of the webZone.


Started work on the Rotide code editoR. I thought I'd just grab the version I used in a Nodejs project and slap it on the tilde, but I don't know any (non-hacky) way to use jQuery's GET and POST methods. So not hindered by any experience I'm now setting out to redo my GET's and POST's with websockets!


Dropped strapdown.js like skrillex drops the bass. Found a much easier workflow in just using jade to 'build' my html files for me. Using jade it's a breeze to implement markdown in my webZone like I wanted, and without the fuss of having to have some sort of nodejs service around as well! All around a nice step forward. Up next: getting Rotide to work so that I won't have to edit stuff via SSH or have to upload stuff via fileZilla.


Tried to make an easy webpage for myself on the ^C-club using what I think I knew, Nodejs. It was kind of sloppy, since I can't host the node service on port 80 I hosted it on port 8080 instead... This required my "actual" main page to redirect to the 8080 one. Which also ran at the root of ^C. Whoops. So I tore that mess down and decided on something slightly simpler: "strapdown.js". Strapdown.js lets me write this thing in markdown which it then neatly converts to browser friendly html. So far so good, except. I have yet to find a way for strapdown to let me programatically insert markdown texts or something to that effect. Also HYPERLINKS. In the meantime, I'll just edit the one file until I can be arsed to get it to work the way I want.