parchment is a web-based intepreter for interactive fiction games!

it's easy to make your own games run as a standalone page, so you can share your games as just a link to a website, rather than a file that has to be downloaded and run in seperate interpreter. it'll even work on some mobile browsers.

the game engine runs in javascript, and you can read many more details about it at the official website.


see my sample page for a demonstration.

bare minimum: just copy that file to your own directory, and replace the 'default_story' value with the location of your game file.

other options: change the page title, and think about whether or not you want to put any info in the sidebar. i tend to use the sidebar to list basic commands as a guide for new players, interesting new verbs, links to maps or other resources, release information, etc. if you don't want any of that, just remove the sidebar div.

note! if you include any links in the sidebar (or otherwise), include target="_blank" in the <a> tag, or else that link will load in the same page as the game is running, and ruin your player's game.

advanced options you can grab the css file referenced and copy it to your own directory, and make your own page styling!

feel free to ask me if you have any questions with getting parchment working, or for general interactive fiction advice/playthrough/troubleshooting, etc.