about ~greymtr

welcome to my tiny little patch of solace on the internet.

i'm gautham, though i've been going by greymtr for the past ten years or so. i reside in bengaluru, india;

i'm a student, currently doing a 4 year undergrad course on information science.

my areas of interest include computers [ mostly experimenting with bash scripts nowadays ], literature [ non fiction, short stories, sci fi, horror et al.], music [ indie rock, 'post grunge', psychedellia, lo fi ], electronics [ rPi/arduino stuff , basic iot shenanigans ].

occasionally [ when the stars are aligned *just right* ] i write thoughts, observations and whats going on in my life in the blog.

i know i'm supposed to be writing other stuff here, but i have no idea what else to write about. so maybe later. idk xD

this page is hosted on ctrl-c.club, a shared linux server on the internet.

on other places on the internet :

instagram : @greymtr_

email : greymtr (at) disroot (dot) org

feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you want to talk about anything i've written, or just to say hi.