21 May 2020 - After an absence of a few years I am back. I took a bit of a break from computers in general and along with that came some pretty big changes in my life. In fact, I still don't own a "proper" computer. I'm typing this on an iPad hooked up to an Appple Smart Keyboard. It's a little clunky, but it does the job. I was a little hesitant at first, but since everything here is text based, it's actuially a really solid setup.

Previously, I had maintained some pages - mainly one that listed available programs. Due to the fact that I haven't been around in two plus years, needless to say, I'm probably way behind. I still have the pages, rudimentary html and all, if anybody wants them. Perhaps after I get settled in I'll look at trying to maintain them again.

This place has pretty much everything I want in a shell service, minus gopher. I'd really like to see ctrl-c.club make a gopher server available to it's members.

I'm glad to be back.

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