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28 October 2023

I cannot believe how difficult it is for me to type up this html page. On gemini, you can type willy-nilly and be done in no time. Granted, I've only just started learning how to use html and css, but I can't get over the amount of planning I have to do to scrape up a page. I'm sure it'll get easier, and I'll find ways to automate the process, but for now I just want to complain how cumbersome I'm finding it.

I've mentioned I was taking the FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Course, and I am on step 52ish of the CSS portion. I'm in the process of lining up p elements on the same line, and grouping things into articles so they can be given a class name -- so they may inherit some css formating. I have to admit, that after a while I was just going through the motions without questioning why things were done the way they were. At that point, I needed a break. So here I am, exploring the Tildeverse and seeing what gemini has to offer. I do, however, need to get back to working on the FreeCodeCamp course. I need to incorporate and practice what I'm learning there, here.

21 October 2023

Bear with me. I am currently in the process of learning how to work with html and css through FreeCodeCamp. It's amazing how much you don't retain by not using it. So here I am, using vim to type up a webpage on a linux server(I think it's linux). I have to admit, there are more easier ways to practice --and I am doing that too, by using neocities and also using VScode with the live server plugin-- but I also wanted to delve into exploring shell accounts, tilde communities, programming, and the gopher and gemini protocols.

Talk to you later.