this page was built while listening to how much is weed? - dominic fike (wowie you can actually link stuff in marquees that's awesome. have fun catching the link though. is it weird that i like the raw html page style. idk its just very nice. i'll prob add pages w actual css and stuff but honestly i might just leave this one like this. i really need to learn more html though it's so cool. so many beautiful things in the universe and such. i might've lost the point.) anywaysk, welcome!

kauhl's web corner :)

hiiii i’m carm ,,he/they pronouns,, canid otherkin,,sleepy individual

[this is very much an early draft of something i'll get to. eventually (trust). sorry. anyways for now i'm mostly active on tumblr here :3 ]

i’m most into formula one and the social network (yeah the 2010 fb movie) atm but some other Things i like range from GNU/Linux to Wes Anderson’s filmography, adventure time, 3d modelling and ranboo’s Generation Loss which I have a tumblr sideblog thing for.

currently reading :: The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida by Shehan Karunatilaka

watchin : legion (the fx series) s3

future projects :
✷ :: a fake front page for a website that only exist in the made-up universe in my head
✷ lethe :: a place I can link all my custom stuff for linux (for when if i somehow do rm -rf / again)
✷ portfolio/graphic works showcase page :: for art school purposes
✷ a nice organised list of some "old/indie web" pages

alright that’s it, take care ^ and please feel free to send me mail!!

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