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What good is art if it's not playful?

I don't often make art for the sake of it. Cover art, illustration, game assets and concept art; that's more my speed. But there are exceptions. These are some of them.

There are several ways to make vector art. For one thing, SVG can be written by hand, like I did for an issue of Ctrl-Zine:

Abstract vector art of dark monoliths seen in perspective against a huge setting sun, reflected in water at the bottom.
Abstract vector art of a router with blinking lights, or maybe an office building at night, next to three network cables or maybe flagpoles.
"Router bldg."

Another way to make them that I recently developed is with Genoa Banner Creator:

Abstract art suggesting a lake at night, a wooden pier and the moon as it sets, all seen from a porch with a houseplant.
Abstract art suggesting a bright blue planet with large moons and a ring system, on the backdrop of broad purple bands in the dark.
"Rings of Sat"

But I also use more traditional tools. For example my latest creation is made with Inkscape:

Abstract art suggesting an eye that reflects a racetrack or corridor at speed, with a space-like feel.
"Game eye"

This one's actually an attempt to redesign the No Time To Play logo. It doesn't have a proper title; none of them do, hence the scare quotes.

Anyway, I have much more art, in various media, and I'm not done yet.

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