No Time To Play

Games for Linux and such

So much fun can be had with a scripting language and a terminal emulator.

Some of these were meant as prototypes; others were ports, made for learning. They all turned out fine games anyway and deserve to be here. There just wasn't any "here" for them until now.

Lost in the Jungle
kind of an Oregon Trail-style game? idk;
originally adapted from an old book of Basic games for a jam;
this version is made in Lua 5.x for the command line.
my personal Hamurabi clone (yep, the humble classic);
written in shell script; requires Bash / Zsh / ksh.
Space Cruiser Orion
a Trek game with the serial numbers filed off;
started as a prototype for a graphical version, was worth keeping;
runs in Python 2.7 or 3.3+ with the cmd module.
Tomb of the Snake
coffeebreak roguelike in Python and curses
see in writing for how to make your own.

In more detail

Glittering Light
minimal rogue-lite prototype cut out of Tomb of the Snake;
ended up a graphical game with many versions and even a sequel.
Orion TT
port of Space Cruiser Orion to the Linux console;
native executable with source code included.
Jungle TT
native port of Lost in the Jungle with terminal support;
two different versions with source code included.

See also

And elsewhere, even more awesome TTY games.

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