February 2024

OPML is underrated

A timely blog post that validates my recent work on OutNoted.


A refresh of Cozy Catalog

I barely touched Cozy Catalog after the second public release early last year, and it needed some updates. Finally got around to it today, and added toolbar icons, along with other UI enhancements. Hope this helps!

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January 2024

Reviving OutNoted

After a year-long break in development, my little outliner is back, and how! With a new major version, redesigned user interface and other improvements to be added soon. It's also on Tildegit now, if anyone wants to read the code, fork it or simply leave feedback. My other apps will also benefit from these improvements very soon. Good things all around.

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For the past few years I've been working on a series of desktop tools. Naturally, I made some experiments with UI design. Let me tell you something.

You know the typical window with File / Edit / View / Help menus and a toolbar with icons? It exists for a reason. People who knew what they were doing refined it over many years. And then... a bunch of kiddies thought they were smarter. They started fooling around with hamburger menus. It's been downhill since.

Don't be like them. Want to experiment? Great. But start from the tried-and-true.


ToyEd 1.3 and native port

Not sure if anyone is reading this yet, but just in case: my text editor ToyEd just got a native Linux port, and a new release of the original edition to bring it in line with its younger sibling. Details on the homepage, but I have more plans for improvement, so no worries.

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Announcing Clinklog Lite

In order to use Clinklog on Ctrl-C.club, I had to make a new, modified version. This is because Clinklog 2 generates a ton of web pages (easily dozens or hundreds once you have enough data), and here on the server we have a script called newstuff that checks what's new and updated in everyone's public directories. So many files at once would thoroughly swamp its feed, ruining things for everyone. Please use the Lite edition instead; documentation and everything coming soon.

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Hello, world!

It took me way too long to set this up, but every site needs a news section, preferably with an RSS feed attached, so this is mine. It's also a testbed for the Lite edition of my pet SSG, so it's doubly useful. Not sure what I'm going to write here yet, but that's why you get a blank notebook first. Stick around.

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