Swatantra (Hindi) ~ "Free as in Freedom"

Welcome to my corner of the tildeverse. My name is Rohit Farmer and I am a computational biologist by training, with interests in the outdoors, self-hosting, Ham radio, and FOSS.

This is my test/play website. If you're looking for my primary website, please visit https://rohitfarmer.com. The design of this website is very simple on purpose. I want to see how much I can do with HTML and a little bit of CSS so that it works on all browsers, even the simple ones that run on command terminal e.g. Lynx.


The easiest way to contact me is either by an email at rohit@rohitfarmer.com or by messaging on Mastodon. All my other social links are mentioned on my primary website at https://rohitfarmer.com/connect/. I also have a NOW page that collates recent posts from my Mastodon accounts and my monthly personal and professional updates.

Featured Articles

Here are some of my articles that I published on Medium. I do not maintain Medium anymore and intend to write similar articles and more on my primary website.


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Gemini capsules