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As long as it works for you

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After tuning the banjo and listening to its sound for a while, it was time to learn some typical picking patterns. Coming from the guitar it was easy to adapt folk picking to the banjo. Still, in order to learn playing banjo I found it will be a good idea to slow down a bit and practice with the book for some time. Maybe I also have to unlearn some of the things I use to play on guitar. Read More...

With the banjo on my knees

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My banjo arrived today. I ordered it together with a book to start learning the instrument. Standard tuning of the banjo is open G. Together with C and D7 simple songs can be played. I would like to learn to use thumb and finger picks for the right hand. I never use those when playing guitars but for the banjo the metallic sound they make is nice.

Hello, tilde

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Today I created my tilde page on ctrl-c club. After trying some hugo templates I decided to go with the theme https://htdvisser.github.io/hugo-base16-theme Steps to create a new post are: cd ~/src/hugo/tg0/base16 hugo new posts/$(date +%F).md hugo && rsync -avz --delete public/ tg0@ctrl-c.club:~/public_html


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